Saturday, August 3, 2019

15 Country, 21 Day, Round-The-World McBain Adventure 2019

Having returned yesterday from an epic family vacation, several people asked about the itinerary so I wanted to share the details. Michelle will be sharing her thoughts here shortly.

The trip started with a speech I needed to deliver on July 31 in Hamilton Island, Australia for ARN Edge 2019 on the future of channels. The idea was to meander our way around the world with a bunch of shorter flights ending up in Australia at the end.

With heavy use of and, we kept the trip as flexible as possible and in many cases would only book the hotel room the day of staying. This caused a bit of anxiety at times, but also saved money without keeping to a rigid schedule. The days of having to book anything multiple weeks in advance is long over.

This trip also helped the original bucket list "100 Country Rollerblades and Red Bull Tour". While the rollerblades and red bull have been curtailed in recent years, the march to 100 continues with this trip bringing me up to 95 countries!

Next year I expect to join the Travelers' Century Club. The Travelers' Century Club™ is a nonprofit social organization representing world travelers who have visited 100 or more of the world's countries and territories.

Here is a quick video of the trip:

Well, here is a taste of the numerous stops:

And here is the detailed itinerary of how it all happened: