Thursday, March 13, 2014

The End of Michelle's Honda Accord...and a new beginning!

Michelle and I have just signed the paperwork on a new car after hitting a deer with the Honda on Friday:

The Honda served Michelle very well for 8 years - logging about 90,000 miles up and down the East Coast with Luka and Mirage in tow.

Here was Michelle's (the biggest animal lover in the world) Facebook status after hitting the deer:

Let me begin by saying, God was watching over us- and we- Jay McBainBaby Mcbain and I are okay (Thank God!)- but a deer came out of no where and that poor deer, and my car were not so lucky  I cried all night, and had a dream he was with my grandma in a meadow in "Heaven" which gave me peace. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I adore animals... but we are lucky no one was hurt. He jumped a divider and came out of nowhere, poor thing- may he rest in peace. Today, they determined my car was totaled= so I guess it's a new car, new family, new start for the McBains. Thank you for 8 great years car, and thank you for keeping my family safe. Please be careful everyone, you never know what can happen - live each day like it's your last; love, laugh, live!
 — feeling Mixed with Jay McBain.

I do have to give a huge plug to Geico for handling the situation.  The phone call on Friday night got through immediately, and we had a great rep who was very polite and efficient.  I uploaded the pictures onto the website and booked a meeting with their adjuster on Tue morning.

The insurance adjuster (named Kevin Biggins, from Troy, NY location) was also very polite and let us go after only 10 minutes.  A few hours later he phoned with the news that it was a write-off (which we suspected).  He also sent a 30 page, 3rd-party analysis valuing the car across the NY region with dozens of real-time comparisons and adjustments. The amount was fair and we didn't feel they were taking advantage.

We brought in the Title for the Honda today and he already had a check cut for us to walk away with - another 10 minute meeting!

Stay tuned for the big announcement of Michelle's new car!