Friday, June 28, 2013

Interesting Countdown to Marriage!

As my wedding gets closer to Michelle (only 6 days!) - a couple of interesting things happened out in the media over the past couple days:

First was from MSPMentor on June 27, posting a countdown timer:

Second was from The VAR Guy on June 28, a tongue-in-cheek list of the 7 Top Power Couple of the IT Channel:

"Talk about a power couple. No relation to Romy and Michele. Jay McBain and Michelle Ragusa are set to tie the knot within days. The VAR Guy expects plenty of fireworks at their wedding -- set for July 4. McBain is co-founder of Channel Eyes. He previously generated plenty of channel chatter at Autotask and Lenovo. Ragusa is a customer and partner experience manager at Cisco. Together, they top The VAR Guy's list... at least until the next channel wedding comes along."

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jay McBain's Calendar Free Time

You can book time on my calendar with this cool tool:

Or flip through this calendar to see when I am free: