Friday, November 18, 2016

Dec 13: Webinar - The Future of Deal Registration

The Canadian Channel Chiefs Council (C4) is hosting a first of its kind webinar on a topic that has become the most hotly debated area in the channel today: deal registration. Taking place on Dec. 13th at 1 PM ET, the webinar will feature noted channel professional Jay McBain to outline what the future holds for deal registration programs in light of the recent announcement by on its new Einstein tool.
Einstein is an artificial intelligence tool that promises to take all the data that organizations have dutifully been capturing to their CRM for years and put it to good use, at first making recommendations about what leads sales reps should call first, or what personalization path is most appropriate for a marketing campaign.
McBain, who was a channel executive at Lenovo, IBM and with Autotask, intends to provide the audience of this webinar new information on how artificial intelligence and machine learning is going to impact the channel. He believes tools such as Einstein are an exciting new thing that’s going to rapidly change the way vendors look at deal registration today.
But Einstein is not the only topic of discussion for this webinar. McBain also plans on unveiling new strategies on deal registration for those who are still developing their channel structure and programs. He also has ideas for what to do in terms of conflict resolution and the rules of engagement when it comes to deal registration.
McBain also plans on answering questions from channel chiefs and other channel professionals at the webinar.
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