Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ChannelEyes Provides An Extra Set Of "Eyes" On Your Channel

OPTYX is a predictive analytics platform developed by the team at ChannelEyes that is 100% dedicated to indirect channel sales teams. It helps vendors by watching their partners, people and opportunities and providing real-time sales intelligence to drive more revenue. By analyzing millions of data points, both internally and externally, it calculates the impact that channels have on winning opportunities and the lift that partner interactions have.

It alerts channel sales people with the things they need to know, and prioritize when they need to action. Talking to the right partners at the right time about the right things can generate up to 10% lift in channel revenue.

By watching every opportunity in real-time, OPTYX generates a rolling confidence score based on 65 unique attributes. These scores are constantly changing and it understands what timely actions are needed to ensure success. Out of the box, it achieves over 90% accuracy on forecasting at an overall channel level.

It also watches each channel sales territory and builds stack-ranked lists of hard to measure KPI's. Answering the age-old question:

"Have you ever wondered if you have a great salesperson in a bad territory or a weak one in a good territory?"

By knowing the likelihood of winning every deal, OPTYX produces unique "save and fumble" reports by salesperson. Looking at their activity level, it can ascertain their efficiency level and understand the lift (or lack thereof) that they drive in their territories.

The team at ChannelEyes knows that partners have an out-sized impact on sales success. OPTYX provides automated sales intelligence and workflow to capture up to 10% more in channel revenue.

It is the first predictive analytics software platform that is 100% dedicated to indirect channel sales. It works hand-in-hand with Salesforce and is an easy 5 minute install via the Appexchange.